I am a 22 year old blogger, Dancer and general creative, located in a little town in Gloucestershire. For me I started blogging as a place to hold my thoughts when I was going through a rough patch. But now it has turned into so much more!

So this is my blog full of lots and lots of different things! I cover everything from lifestyle, exploring, photography and anxiety or even impulse posts where for example I  just had to share my love for sticky toffee pudding! But this is my corner of the internet so I’m just going to share what I like!! I’m guessing there will be spelling mistakes and grammar issues everywhere but that’s me I have never ever been good at those things (I guess that just makes it more individual?!… (Well I hope it does??) But hey stay for the adventure and see what I have to say…

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Twitter: Chloe3May

Instagram: Littlemayfly_blog

Or drop me an email to: chloe-reynolds@hotmail.co.uk

Little Mayfly x