Since the beginning I have always refereed to my blog as ‘this/my little blog’. But I have now surpassed 2000 followers so I’m not sure I can call it little anymore? I myself can’t really imagine a room full of that many people!? It is a little mad for me to comprehend. I have learnt a lot about blogging and I still am learning a ton of things. My posts and audience have both evolved over the past 2 years but I think I am now finding my audience. I’ve dramatically changed the way I blog over the past few months and it’s something I would like to continue. No schedules and better content, and I think it is working. So thank you if you’ve stuck around if you have!

I’ve been very up and down in mood recently as being in your 20’s and trying to ‘adult’ is very difficult! People have expectations of you that can be very unrealistic or just assume your next step after getting a job is marriage and babies (uhh eww not yet thanks) because apparently that is all anyone over the age of 20 plans for??!! Gaining this many followers has reminded me just to enjoy what’s going on around me! Do fun things and enjoy life! I can’t wait to write about adventures and make people jealous, take beautiful pictures of places all around the world! Be more everything!

Do more stuff!

Thanks for 2000,

Chloe x



37 thoughts on “2000…

  1. I would wish you to stay strong and ignore everybody’s expectations as much as possible. This is your life, only you will live it, only you know what is there to be done in your life. Don’t worry, people largely leave you alone after you are about 30, but you are right, when you are 20 they go after you like a pack of crocodiles. Maybe they can feel it’s the final few years when they can still persuade you that you owe something to somebody.

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      1. To be honest, I also think that anybody in their twenties is very young. I’m in my thirties so it’s not like twenties seem young because they are very far away. It’s just my firm believe from what I remember and from what I see that twenties is very very close to childhood. A few years back you were still a teenager! Twenties is a wonderful age for finding your way because you are already big enough for making your own decisions and nobody can legally stop you from this, but you are still free from all the results of your decisions. My point is, all roads are open just right now. 😄

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  2. Hahah “DO MORE STUFF!” That should be my motto for life. Definitely need to do more stuff that’s for sure!
    Huuuuge congrats, that’s amazing – you’ve achieved so much with your blog, you’re doing brilliantly and it’s great to see how you grow in the blogging world over time along your journey as I continue mine too 🙂
    Caz xx

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  3. Congrats on the followers!! I wish I knew the secret. My little blog hasn’t seen that kind of action yet! Hoping to though, otherwise is it really worth it? And listen to this old lady here…ha ha I am only in my 40’s, but you are on the right path. ENJOY these carefree years. Once you are married with children everything changes. Nothing bad but you just have more to deal with. Then you have to wait until your kids are teens and don’t need a babysitter anymore so you can go out and live again! 😜 I had a great time in my 20’s, but I gotta say it gets better. So have a couple older gals in your life to be there for wisdom and in turn you make them feel young again with a fresh angle. Twenty somethings all think I’m 30 and I love em for it! 😍

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