I am really getting into the whole Pinterest thing at the moment. It is really quite addictive filling up imaginary mood boards with all your dream items. You can find my Pinterest link Here!! So onto my most recent favorite pins…

Vintage: I have been loving all things vintage the past few months since being a super in the Evita UK Tour…I would love to expand my wardrobe with more vintage items. I love this cute hair updo & outfit.


Projects: I love a good project. Especially if it’s a crafty project. I don’t get as much time to sit and do crafty things at the moment so I haven’t sewn in a while. I would love to make something like this for when I move bedrooms. I don’t think they would cost you too much to make either which is a bonus.


Clothing: Another kind of crafty/ project picture. But this time from my clothing board. I would love to paint an old denim jacket and give it a bit of life like this one below. There are so many different things you could do!


Dance: This is quite a new board and I’m not sure why I didn’t create it sooner seeing as though dance is my thing. Below is an image of Loie Fuller. One of the founders of what we now know as contemporary dance. She experimented with large scarfs ans sheets of material and this picture is taken from the first ever recording of dance.


So there you go my most liked pins of the moment! Make sure you go over to my Pinterest to look at all the other boards I have created. Also let me know if you you have pinterest so I can give you a follow 🙂


Little Mayfly x

11 thoughts on “Pinterest…

  1. I love being crafty too but never get around to it!! I keep seeing cute embroidery pieces like that and saving them to remind me to start something but then never actually creating anything aha! Fancy collaborating on a future post about creating our own embroidery wall hangings?! 😀 xo

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  2. I loved reading this post¡ everyone has such a different side for creativity and inspiration so Pinterest is one of the coolest social media apps in my opinion. I just feel like people forget about it, and you can literally look up anything. Why Google it if you can pin it? Haha. Now I’m being geeky sorry. But, I’m gonna follow you Now! My username is sadieemaddix for anyone who wants to be friends 😄

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