First Attempt In Learning…

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day as I had my epiphany moment whilst writing my last blog post A Dance Degree But No Confidence… and found that it really resonated with me. As since posting that blog post my action plan has gone into full action mode. Maybe because I am a bit stupid or maybe I just hadn’t released this before, or maybe it just popped up because I needed it too….420fd3fac25e9bdeebd5c19d4b12baee

For me I know that I aim to do good in everything I do, I will not stop thinking about something until I am satisfied I have done that certain thing ‘Good enough’. Due to this mentality when I do something wrong or something doesn’t work out in my favor or I even fail at something it really does effect me. I worry so much about it it makes me really unhappy. But this image really made me stop and think about the fact that it is ok to fail. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, you can try again or it might even work it’s self out. At 22 I am still very much working things out but I have to almost remind myself quite often that it’s ok to not do good. I felt like I was failing as a blogger because I wasn’t blogging 3 times a week and decided to blog what I wanted and that is now working out for the better! I worry about doing bad at both places of work, when actually I’m doing really good! I do a lot of worrying!

Just because you have ‘failed’ at something it doesn’t mean that it is the end. And from each failure I guess you learn something new so it isn’t a complete loss.

Thanks for taking a look,

Little Mayfly x




10 thoughts on “First Attempt In Learning…

  1. We are not robots programmed not to fail, we are people and this is how we put us up to date. As long as you learn the lesson, it’s only natural to have failures too, from time to time. We should try not to repeat the errors, not be worried about things less than perfect. Less than perfect after who’s judgement?

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  2. Well, I’m 8 years older than you but feel the same age! And I’m still constantly having to “remind myself quite often that it’s ok to not do good”. Such an important thing to remember about learning and failure, which is a silly word really, because life is a constant learning curve and work in progress, we need to be kinder to ourselves out it and remember that from learning comes growth. Great post 🙂
    Caz xx

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