Polaroid Of The Months 1st Birthday…

This ‘Polaroid Of The Month’ series has officially been running for a year now! Having started off as a mini series I really didn’t think it would last a whole year, but they have become some of my most popular blog posts. I have revived such lovely comments about all of the Polaroids i have included in the series and can’t wait to show you guys even more!! To celebrate I asked you my blogging community to send me some of their Polaroids and I got sent some really great ones! Lets take a look…

Up first is this lovely little Polaroid from Shannon from Kittyp0p. You can find her blogย HERE & her Instagram HERE. One of the reasons I love Polaroids is because they capture moments. They capture moments with such a lovely vibe and Kitty’s Polaroid is such a lovely moment. This was taken the day she moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend (so cute). I am also loving the red Polaroid paper this is taken on!image1

Next from Ann-Katherine from Glucksgeist blog, again you can find her blogย HERE & Instagram HERE. This one is beautiful! I love the composition of not only the Polaroid but the composition of this whole photo. The flowers are really well focused for a Polaroid picture, plus I love the pastel pink colours the camera has picked up.201809224317367373323496801-02.jpeg

Finally for my own Polaroid! I decided to pick my favorite Polaroid from the last 12 months. There has been a fair few but I think one stands out the most for me. I just love the sun flower Polaroid! It not only reminds me of a really good day but it’s just so sunny and happy. Plus the camera focus wasn’t too bad either!


Thank you so much to the two lovely ladies who took part in this blog post. Please go and check them out!! I will see you next month for the November addition! Thank you so much for your constant support, these Polaroid posts are always so popular and I receive such lovely comments about them.

Thanks again,

Little Mayfly x

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