Recreating ChanelleHayley’s Instagram’s…

Here is the first of the few collaborations I have planned for this month. Today I am collaborating with the beautiful Chanelle. Chanelle has the most loveliest blog I really love her ‘Redhead Ramble’ posts, you can find Chanelle here…Chanelle’s Blog . For today’s post we decided to recreate 4 of each others Instagram’s. You can find Chanelle’s Instagram Here! She has such a lovely Instagram page. So onto the post…



So having the same lipstick was very handy when it came to this picture! I use this nude all the time to just finish off a casual look. It’s so useful I will actually need a new one soon. I have also been trying out this NYX Matte lip too which I am liking so far so I thought I would include that too.



Nails! I am trying really hard to make my nails look nice and girly so hence why I picked this one! I think I did ok! My nails are all gradually getting to a good length too apart from the odd one that keep breaking!


Mine:I couldn’t do this challenge without choosing one of Chanelle’s beautiful glasses selfies. I again don’t always take photos in my glasses as I always feel a bit self conscious in them but again I think I should embrace it more often.



Finally I picked this makeup brush picture. I loved the set up of this picture! Chanelle has a big love for make up unlike me who just kind of slaps it on her face, so I thought I would include this one into the mix.

Thank you so much to Chanelle for taking part in this post!! Make sure you pop over to her blog to see which pictures of mine she has picked! Please go and support her!

Thanks again for taking a look and also thanks to Chanelle.

Little Mayfly x



21 thoughts on “Recreating ChanelleHayley’s Instagram’s…

  1. I had so much fun doing this collab with you, let me know if you want to do more in future!

    I didn’t know you wore glasses, I love how the tortoiseshell frames look on you 🙂 Rimmel #45 is such a pretty nude x

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