‘A Day In Photos’…

So today I am collaborating with the lovely Chloe Burford on this ‘A Day In Photos’ post. We posted a collab not to long ago and we recived really good feedback so we thought we would give another one a go! You can find our last collab here.. Recreating Chloe Burfords Instagrams… Chloe is such an amazing blogger so please check her out by following her blog Here, also over on Instagram Here.

So here is my Friday…

7.40am: My bowl of porridge! Not exciting I know but it is the only thing that actually keeps my full until lunch time. It’s also a Friday so I could go OTT with the blueberries. 9CF38051-D7CE-47CE-B05F-C07BBCD9FECF

9.00am: First cup of tea of the day done now onto those pesky emails…


12.00pm: Lunch time walk around town. I try to go out and take a little walk every lunch just to get some fresh air and take a breather. Even if it was cloudy and miserable.901221FB-A649-40EB-ACD1-72B13BAB6165

4.30pm: One job down, teaching to go! This is the front window of the studio I work at It’s the cutest!


6.30pm: Sound Of Music rehearsals! So far so good but there are a lot of lines that need to be learnt!!! I also still need to edit this cow of a script!!E5CEBEDF-B867-485D-8E75-3DF4D31F8377

10.00pm: Bedtime! I got this blanket a few years ago from Primark and its so cosy and warm plus it only cost me £4.image

So there you go my Friday! There was a lot of driving and in between things that didn’t really deserve a photo. But at least it shows that my life isn’t as exciting as my blog makes it out. Make sure you go and check out Chloe’s day here… Chloe’s Post! She is doing the post on a day she had recently on holiday.

Thanks again.

Little Mayfly x



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