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Nearly a year ago I wrote this post on My Top Blogging Tips…. Nearly a year later and a whole lot more blogging knowledge under my belt I thought I would give it another go. I have learnt so much in the past year and my little blog keeps growing so I guess I can’t be doing too bad! So here we go…

  1. Camera: The thing that really improved my blog was getting my A5000 camera. I found I was spending so much more time one the quality of the photos I was taking for my blog. Photos that actually went with my posts. Im not saying go out and buy a fancy camera because I still use my iPhone camera all of the time. But just start to consider the construction of the photos you are posting.
  2. Interaction: This is my favourite thing at the moment! Just by interacting on twitter through blogger hashtags such as #bloggertribe, #TheClqRT or #bloggerclan or through tagging people like @FemaleBloggerRT I have gained so many followers. Plus I have found some really cool blogs and bloggers on the way. Even if you take part in a follow trains which can be annoying when hundreds take part, it is still a great way to get yourself out there.
  3. Feature Image: I mentioned this in my previous blog tips post and I am re-mentioning it because I still think it is so so important. A good image draws people in. Simple. Not only on a WordPress reader but when you share it on other social platforms it is the thing that will draw people in. (I did bum on this one for this post as I deleted the image I was going to use(oops))
  4. Slug: A slug? Not that kind of slug don’t worry! A slug is part of you web address which helps identify what is in each post. Slugs are normally taken from the title your blog post, so if your title has nothing to do with your post not as many people can supposedly find your post. The more direct your slug the easier people can find it. So if your post is on cute dogs your slug could be lots- of-cute-dogs. If you are a WordPress user you can find your slug in the post settings side bar under more options.
  5. Blog Design: If your blog is not easy to navigate people will not stay! (again simple but it’s true). Choose a blog design that I simple, nobody wants to have to scroll through weird menus or side tabs to find your blogs actual content. Your blog design says a lot about who you are as a blogger. I see so many blog posts with similar designs, push the boat out and make it individual Canva is a really good site to use to create individual headers and images. You can find Canva at

So there you go! An updated blog tips post. Let me know if you find any of them useful because a year ago I wouldn’t have known any of this!


Little Mayfly x


27 thoughts on “Blogging Tips…

    1. I was originally really scared of that too! As more people gradually knew about my blog I was less bothered about sharing it! Blogging is something I love and if people don’t like it they don’t have to read it but loads of people I didn’t know that we’ll have complimented me on it ☺️

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  1. These are great tips and yes your blog is doing great! I did not know twitter was a big blogger interaction site – maybe I will have to hop on over there haha I 100% agree with the picture aspect of your advice. If you have better quality photos it attracts more viewers and the feature image really does play a huge roll! 🙂

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