So I really enjoyed posting about my favourite Pins a few weeks ago so have decided to make this into a mini series for the next few months. You can find my last post about Pinterest here… If you wanted to follow me on Pinterest you can find my Link Here!


So up first is this one from my Nails board. These are just super cool! I don’t think I would be able to recreate these myself very well but I do also like the nude base colour and the actual shape of the nails. The rose gold midi rings are also nice but I am more of a silver jewellery person myself.sub-buzz-10063-1522093619-10

Bedroom Ideas:

Up next is this cute little desk area. I will hopefully be moving rooms soon and I would love to be able to create myself a cozy little desk space. I have a desk in my room but it’s covered in my sisters business things so there is no way I could use it! I currently use my bed for everything so it would be nice to have a space for working in.



It’s getting towards autumn here in England so jumpers are slowly creeping their way back into my everyday wardrobe! We have had such a good summer it’s sad to see them again. But I stumbled upon this cute jumper and fishnet combo that I loved. Im trying to find a similar jumper but haven’t been successful yet! It just looks fashionable and comfy at the same time. I go for comfort every time.



And finally I had to include a tattoo idea! Im actually very very tempted to get a similar little wild flower to this!! I think it may even be on the cards or something very similar because I just think its super cute!


Thanks for taking a look! If you have Pinterest let me know your user names so I can check you guys out! I could literally spend hours scrolling through peoples boards.

Little Mayfly x

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