Macbook Air…

So if you follow me you’ll know that I recently purchased a MacBook Air laptop. I have always loved Apple products and since early high school I have always dreamed of getting an apple laptop one day in the future. But as most people know they are very expensive seeing as though you can pick a laptop up from around £200 and being a graduate on waitress wages wasn’t much help either. I did have a HP laptop but it is now 4 year old and yeah it got me through uno but it just can’t cope with swapping from WordPress to Twitter and opening pictures all within 30 seconds. This being so ever since November last year I decided to put part of my wages aside towards getting one. Thanks to life some weeks I was able to put more aside than others and starting a full time job was helpful! But here it is my baby…


I brought the case from Amazon and you can find it in this link->Amazon- Garden Flower Pattern Hard Case this retailed at £12.98 (which is very reasonably priced as some are VERY pricy ranging up to £30+).

There are so many things that this laptop can do that I didn’t even realise it could do! Great photo editing software, I Message (which is the most handy thing ever), plus it syncs with my phone & iPad which is great too. Part of the reason for buying this laptop was to help me whilst teaching dance. At the moment I normally play music off my iPad and take a folder with all my classes in. With this laptop I can have all my files, music & anything else I may need all in one place! You can also open separate desktops so I can have a personal and work desktop open at once which I think will be super handy. Also I knew it would be very useful for blogging which was a bonus point for getting it.


But Mac’s are very different to the usual windows I’m used to normal as some of the functions are very different it took me a good few days to realise that if you used two fingers on the pad you can scroll instead of just pressing the down button (yelp what an idiot). It also took me ages to workout how to get the right click menus for things like copy & paste!!

So there you go a little look at the MacBook Air! If there are any other functions that may help me out please let me know in the comments because Windows I can work Mac not so much (Yet!). It’s stupid I feel like such a professional blogger now I have my fancy laptop and fancy camera.


Little Mayfly x

23 thoughts on “Macbook Air…

  1. About 10 years ago I had a white MacBook laptop and it was amazing! I think it’s great being able to use Apple and Windows and once you get used the subtle differences it’s easy 🙂 MacBook Air is awesome because it’s lightweight and I would consider one but I still buy physical CDs and import them into iTunes so I need a CD drive haha. Cute case too! xx

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  2. They are a lot of fun. So clean cut and the screen colors are really fantastic. I just finally got the hang of right clicking using the mouse pad also. There are some great YouTube videos on basic Mac functionality. I watched one once – it was like an hour, but really gives you some good starting tips. You should get a mouse if you don’t have one. I don’t mind using the track pad in meetings, but if I’m doing something serious, the windows user in me really wants that mouse. You’ll learn the most just from using it!

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  3. I love the case! I recently switched from iPhone to Android so I have done the opposite of you haha. But I do agree having the macbook is nice if you have an iphone and an ipad as they can all sync with one another. xx

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