I Know Nothing…

So after 2 years of blogging I thought I knew a lot about blogging! I’ve got scheduling down, Im getting a nice volume of weekly views, I’ve got a lush thing going right?!! I was very wrong! Turns out I am the Jon Snow of blogging. I know nothing!! So let me explain… recently I’ve been trying to take the next few steps on my blogging path to try and get my blog out there a bit more. Eventually in a distant dream I would love this to be a full time thing! So because of this I’ve been interacting more on my social media sites, if you follow me you might have seen. I’ve taking part in blogger chains on twitter, followed loads of people on Instagram, restarted Pinterest and have started doing little instagram story things, which I actually like recording. I also started to think about getting myself out to brands (because all popular bloggers have brand deals right?! Thinks little Chloe as she sits being her usual shoddy blogger self). I had no idea how little I knew!

  1.   Media Kits: Do you know what a media kit is because until last Thursday I had no idea what one was! Apparently when reaching out to brands, people or possible collaborators you should create a media kit to present to them to show what your about. So basically a cv for your blog. Showing what your about, your stats and all of your many links. Makes sense right? So off I went to make a media kit, still half clueless but I made one anyway. I will include it below. (Any advise on how to make it suck less would be helpful!!) it looked like I needed one so I made one
  2. DA:Okay this bit still confuses me but there is a website you type you URL into called MOZ and it shows you a lot of information about your blog that say your WordPress stats don’t show you. According to my WordPress insights I am smashing it in the world of the internet! This MOZ thing not so much! Things like how many clicks are proper clicks, how many things are linked to you all crazy things I am yet to sit and take in. TBH lets get real it confuses me and has a lot to do with the SEO that I don’t really get either. But basically the bigger your numbers  on DA sites like MOZ the better! And currently I’m on like 15/100. Improvement is needed.
  3. Approaching brands: So the main issue I feel is the fact that I am not sure which brands to talk to? I don’t feel I am big enough to tackle big brands I dream of working with just yet. I need to start small but where?? I have no clue (told you I was a Jon Snow). But once you’ve picked a brand what the bloody hell do you say to them without sounding like a massive penis and actually getting what you want in return. Because I just sound like an complete idiot when I’ve attempted it a few times this week!! (again any help is welcome). I message one lovely blogger who was really helpful but I still feel like I am so unsure of what to say! “Hello company, I’m Chloe! I write a blog my grammars dodge and I would like you to give me things or a discount. Thanks bye” (don’t worry I didn’t send that!)

All im saying is blogging is a bigger world than I ever thought! And I think it is going to take a while yet and a lot of research before I can play in the big boys playground. I am keen to learn more, any any help is very welcomed but there seems to be a lot of things I was totally unaware of!

Wow now that was a brain fart post!!

Thanks if you read to the end!

Little Mayfly x

40 thoughts on “I Know Nothing…

  1. Hi! I’ve just recently started being more consistent with my blogging and created my Twitter account only a couple of days ago – I had no idea how many bloggers there actually are! It’s so lovely to see a community but overwhelming at times! Thank you for sharing the tips you’ve picked up, I now know more than I did before
    Hannah x


  2. Hi! I’ve just started getting into blogging consistently and made my Twitter account a couple of days ago – I had no idea how many bloggers there were! It’s so lovely to see a community of us but it’s also overwhelming at times! Thanks for sharing your tips you’ve picked up, I now know more than I did before!
    Hannah x

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  3. I hope all the best for you! I had to look up Jon Snow, since I’m not that “hip”. I’m glad you have a goal – there is always opportunity for a blog to really break out into a more mainstream position.


  4. Hahah I could have written this myself! I think you’re doing great, learning as you go. I don’t have a media kit but it’s been on my list for a little while. As for reaching out to brands, “I write a blog my grammars dodge and I would like you to give me things or a discount” could use a slight tweak but I personally would say the direct approach is best. Tell them what you blog about, why you like their brand/product, what you’d like from them, and what you can do for them (ie. review it thoroughly with your reach of xyz average readers per week, share it on social media etc). What brands would you like to work with? What products do you like? Is there anything you’d really like to try, anything you think us guys n gals would like to read about? I sometimes feel so behind in blogging but don’t know how to improve. I guess it’s all one giant learning curve, and the best way is just to keep moving and give it all a go to see what works…
    Caz xx

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  5. What a great and funny post! I’m in a similar boat… the more I think I know- the more I actually know! It’s a science this blogging project. Good luck with the approaching brands. I think it’s important to work with brands you like and want to promote… and that you would be proud to represent. Then just go for it. A bit like job hunting… maybe some rejections at first but eventually you will get there!!! 😌🙏🏻

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  6. I was reading through the comments in the hopes that someone would know more than both of us since I feel we are both in the same boat currently, but it sounds like everyone is just as lost as us! There is no rush to learn everything, I would say take things one step at a time and educate yourself bit by bit. x

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  7. Oh my god, I appreciate and relate to this on a deeply soul crushing level. I’ve been blogging for almost two years and want to up my game but have no idea what to do next. I’ve heard the “just keep doing it and eventually you’ll make more money and be bigger and better!” Nonsense so many times I feel like there’s a secret I’m missing.

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