Holiday Check List…

So I go on holiday on Monday to Devon for a few days and I thought I would write out my holiday check list for you to have a nose at…

  1. Camera (Sony A5000)
  2. Polaroid Camera (Because of course cameras are more important than clothes)
  3. Travel Journal
  4. Pens & Pencils
  5. Book (I think I am taking ‘Me after you’)
  6. Big Green Coat
  7. Yellow rain coat (because this is England and you need two kinds of coat)
  8. Hoodies/Jumpers x2/3
  9. Jeans x2 (Black & Blue)
  10. Yoga baggy trousers x2
  11. Spots leggings x1
  12. Denim shorts x2 (Black & Blue)
  13. Soft shorts with stars on
  14. Combination of different T-shirts & tops x5
  15. White Converse
  16. Flip Flops
  17. Sandals
  18. Walking boots
  19. Trainer socks x4 Normal socks x2
  20. Pants x5
  21. Bras x2 (Because you never know if you need a black or a white one)
  22. Sunglasses
  23. Toiletries & Suncream
  24. contact lenses & solution
  25. Glasses (If I’m not wearing them)
  26. Tooth Brush
  27. Make Up
  28. Hair Brush
  29. Hair Grips/Clips
  30. Contraceptive Pill
  31. Jewellery
  32. Road Trip Snacks
  33. Road Trip Drinks
  34. Road Trip Playlist
  35. Picnic Blanket

I am sure there is probably somethings and last minute things I have forgotten about because that’s typical me but I guess it’s a start!

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x



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