So I got Pinterest a while ago now but the other day whilst bored at work I reactivated it and have kinda fallen in love with it since? You can check out my Pinterest by clicking Here! Let me know your Pinterest name and I will give you a follow. I already have a few different boards on the go so I selected an image from each of those to share with you today…

Arty Farty…

Im a creative person and dabble in doodles and drawing. I am so envious of people who can draw people as it’s the one thing I just can’t do! Flowers yeah. People nope!! I love the sketchy style of this face!

Bedroom Ideas

Soon I will be moving rooms in my family home and it will be the first time I have my own room for years! I want to make it into a little Chloe sanctuary so Pinterest is a great place to find cute bedroom ideas.


I also have a board inspired by all things blog like. I know you can post your own pictures on Pinterest but I am yet to venture into that area yet. This quote just reminded me of the vibe of this blog.


Oops another quote! But this one is by my main girl Martha Graham (a big gun in the Dance world). The way just moving a body can convey so many different things is amazing hence why I love this quote.

Tattoo Ideas

So to give my Instagram explore page a break I am now trolling Pinterest for tattoo ideas. I already have to tattoos but i am itching for another one!! I know this is a drawing but it would make a pretty cute tattoo.

So there you go a few of my favorite recent pins. I am really loving the creativity that comes along with Pinterest. I am thinking about making this into a little series so let me know in the comments if you would like to see more.

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

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