Mini Goals Review 2…

So back in February I wrote myself a few Mini Goals… and I then did a Mini Goals Review 1… back in may. It is now August so I thought I would review again! I set these goals as my bucket list goals are a bit unrealistic for everyday life.

  1. Go out clubbing more- Last time I had half completed this one! But since then I have actually been out to actual bars so I guess that is an improvement.
  2. Go to more concerts (Because they make me happy)- This one is in the pipe lines, I may have a few up my sleeve.
  3. Practice photography more- last time I thought I had done this one but looking back over the past month I haven’t got my camera out enough! Chloe your slacking!!!
  4. Play around with photo editors- I am still trying for this one.
  5. Take dance class (Yes I teach but I need to dance myself)- Not a dance class but I started taking Pole classes on Monday so I guess that counts.
  6. Dance video- Life has got crazy and this one has been put on hold but I am going to leave it on the list just because it is an area I want to revisit.
  7. Do more yoga (because you know you always feel better afterwards)- I did this post in Feb and in August I can firmly say I still need to do this more! A lot more!!
  8. Keep up the good range of blog posts- I hope I have achieved this?? If not I will carry on.

These few I added last time…

  1. Book some kind of holiday. (Yay!!! This is coming up so fast. We may only be going to Devon for 4 days but I can’t wait to get away for a while!!)
  2. Start exercising more. (I mentioned the Pole class earlier!! It was so fun and hope to continue this because it is a whole body workout).
  3. Read more books. (This is in the pip lines. I have started to make more time to read but this has currently been put on hold thanks to the release of the new Orange is the New Black series).
  4. Make some summer plans. (Birthday plans are in the pipe lines so i guess this is nearly completed too!!)

A few new ones…

  1. The other day I started a project of making a skirt and I would love to keep giving myself little sewing projects.
  2. Slow down a little. At times I am a whirlwind and don’t really stop.
  3. Get back on stage more often!! You love it Chloe so you need to find a way to perform more!!

So there you go I’ve managed to have a really good go at most of them! Here’s to the next review.

Little Mayfly x



18 thoughts on “Mini Goals Review 2…

  1. Its’ really super important to write out your goals so that your subconscious can help you work towards them. Having them on the radar in a fixed format like this really makes a difference. I’ve read so many books on goal setting and people who write down their goals make a lot more progress towards them than those people who don’t.

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  2. Awesome post! I love the idea of doing reviews of your big goals throughout the year. Makes me want to look over my New Year’s Resolutions to see what progress I’ve managed to make on each of the goals. 🙂 Good luck continuing to pursue your goals! ❤

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  3. It looks like you are getting on with most of these goals so that is good – congrats girl! What concerts do you have lined up? Do you want to or have you already learnt about manual photography? Good luck with the dance video – have you seen Remi Ashton’s and Alyson Stoner’s dance videos? Incredible! I actually did a pole lesson earlier this year and I am in awe of pole dancers – I definitely do not have the upper body strength to be able to do it! xx

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    1. Thanks Hannah! Ahh that would be telling as one is a surprise for a friends birthday (and she may see this)😉 I’ve dabbled with photography here and there and am very self taught but I guess a lesson would help me out! Ahh cool pole was so fun!!

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      1. Haha fair enough! Will you be doing a blog post on them when you do attend? A lesson would probably help me out too to be honest, I am struggling to get my head around it.


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