Apple Music…

Today I thought I would just do a little post on something I’ve been loving recently. I became a user of Apple Music (of course after taking full advantage of a three month free trial) a fair few months ago now. Thanks to teaching dance I am constantly buying and downloading new music, BUT because of this I started to rack up a nice iTunes bill every month (Eww). Plus Apple Music is £10 a month and at a high point I was spending a good £15, so I am actually saving myself money In the long run. I know for a lot of people £10 is a lot of money but for me it works out pretty well.

It’s also really great because I can download and un-download music really quickly one because music taste and popular music changes a lot especially when you teach kids. Secondly who really wants to delete a song they just spent 99p on especially if it’s the wrong one? I’ve got really old shitty music on my phone just because I don’t want to delete it because I paid for it!! With Apple Music it means I can be more flexible with what I have on my phone or IPad. I can have a whole album in moments and delete it guilt free the next day.

I also really love the playlists feature! I think it may be my favorite thing about it? You can search any kind of thing and find a playlist on it. Apple Music also suggests playlists that suit what you’ve searched for which is also handy. I think my favorite playlists created by Apple Music would probably be Acoustic Chill, Karaoke Essentials and Indie Anthems (I love how they  have powerful names) and this weekend I have been loving the Disney playlists. For me it is just so so convenient but I can see that it wouldn’t be for everyone.

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x


12 thoughts on “Apple Music…

  1. I haven’t had music on my phone in years! I just recently got a new car that actually has a radio, and I have plenty of storage on my phone, so maybe I’ll start to add some tunes soon (:

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