Office Quirks Collab With Sophie From Hopeless Wonderer…

So forever me and Sophie from Hopeless Wonderer have been on about doing a collab together. But it has taken us over a year to actually get together to do it! Even though we see each other at the pub most Friday nights (Ooops). You can also check out her Instagram HERE .So for this collaboration we thought we would talk about all of the little funny things that happen in an office environment. As we both now have office jobs (Yay adulating) we thought it would be a cute little collab to do together.

  1. The number one thing that is guaranteed to happen every single Monday morning without a doubt is the inevitable question of “What did you get up to this weekend?”. To which everyone proceeds one by one to tell everyone about all the little things you got up to that weekend. Almost like a little ritual of informing everyone about the two days you were apart.
  2. In any office I think you always get that one annoying person who always calls up wanting to speak to someone. But every time that person rings up the person they want to speak to happens to be in a meeting? Funny isn’t it? ‘Oh they are in a meeting do you  want me to get them to call you back’ when the person is actually sat at there desk in front of you tapping away on their keyboard or sat eating cake. You get to know the annoying people very quickly so diverting calls becomes almost too easy.
  3. Working in an office you almost get to know your colleagues pets better than your own. I know in my office we are all animal crazy and talk about our pets all of the time, but I can tell you a lot about Cookies poop schedule than my own. Or that Murphy loved his new food but is scared of plastic bags.
  4.  Diets! There is always someone who claims to be on a diet yet when the sweet jar comes out or the cake makes it’s rounds they are the first in there!! Uhh girl I thought you were on a diet??? Also calorie counting!! Whattt I have never counted them in my life, yet everyone in the office knows how many calories there are in an apple?! Yepp an apple or even a handful of grapes. But whilst they are there counting calories I am stuffing my face with waggon wheels. The seefood and eat it diet is much better than counting calories in fruit.

So there you go there are some little things I have noticed. Let me know in the comments if you’ve spotted anything similar? This Is also my first of hopefully many collabs with Miss Sophie Mags so please go check her out if you have a second she is super cool!

Thanks again.

Little Mayfly x


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