Spa Day…

On Thursday it was my Mums 50th Birthday and me and my sister thought that she needed a big treat for the big birthday. We wanted to treat her to a really lovely day so we booked a ‘Revival Morning’ at Malvern Spa. Having never been for an actual spa day before I was stupidly a little anxious (god sake Chloe!) But it was LUSH! I loved it. The spa was to pretty I will add in a picture below. Mum had a really good day, she knew we were all being sneaky but she was really worried we were going to send her sky diving. I think she was very glad about that.

Malvern Spa was beautiful! In the package we had the use of all the pools, saunas and sauna as well as a 45 min back massage. Plus we got all your usual flip flops, dressing gown and towel. My back massage was so good but my back was killing the next day so it must have done some good. After the massage we had a chill out in the relax room. I was on such a different planet after my massage I think I needed the time to come back to planet earth. It was literally the best day I’ve had in a long time!! I felt like I was on holiday all day.

I don’t think I have felt that relaxed in a very very long time. I think I will probably have to get an other massage soon thanks to my tight dance shoulders. It was good and a really good day. We then went out for a meal in the evening to a lovely little Italian in my town.

Thanks for taking a look. It was a good day so I thought I would blog about it.

Little Mayfly x


27 thoughts on “Spa Day…

  1. I have never actually been to a Spa before either so I would have been feeling anxious about the day as well. I have had a massage before though and always feel a bit sore afterwards – although if it lasts for more than a couple of days, may be worth mentioning if you ever return. xx

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  2. Aw this is a wonderful idea for her 50th, I’m so glad you and her had a great time! I’ve heard about Malvern Spa but never been; I remember taking my mum for her first massage on her 50th and she loved it, I wonder whether she’d like a spa day now she’s 70 or if she’d hate the idea… Only one way to find out! Happy belated birthday to your mum. Bet she was relieved she wasn’t jumping out of a plane.. 😉
    Caz xx


  3. What a sweet and thoughtful way to show your mom some love on her big day! ❤ The part about her being worried about a surprise skydiving session made me laugh. My dad is turning 60 in just over a year and wants to go skydiving (again) for his 60th and I (and some of my friends and boyfriend) have agreed to go with him. I'm terrified, but I know it would mean a lot to him, so I'm going to do it even though I'll probably cry and have a panic attack. I certainly did not inherit his love for thrills! lol

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