Body Form Freebee…

So here is a little bit of a different post for you  today. Plus before we start this is in no way a brand deal kinda post, I liked something so I am sharing it). The other day I came across a free sample ad for Body Form period products and I thought I would share it with you today. I don’t actually normally use Body Form products but they are a big company so I had nothing to loose. And plus who doesn’t want free period products because they are really expensive for what they are. Plus cheap ones never do the job properly! I believe the free samples run out at the end of the month and may only available in the UK? But if you want a free sample of some period products then the link is here…



The box the products arrived in was super cute! Plus you get to a range of pads sizes and shapes. Two day time pads, just for whenever. Two day period pads & one ultra pad that’s good of nights and big problems (all in the picture below). I really liked how you get a range of products you can see a little blurb about each one in the above picture. It was also cool because it is so expensive to trial a new product so it’s nice to have a tester before you invest. I have trailed one of the small everyday pads and it was actually comfy to wear!! But I am yet to trial the rest.


So there you go a handy little blog post that I thought I would share it with you anyway. Because who doesn’t like a freebee. Also it is great because you get some discount vouchers too (every little helps right?). Let me know if you order some!!

Thanks again,

Little Mayfly x





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