Recreating Chloe Burfords Instagrams…

So me and Chloe from Chloeburford decided to finally do a collaboration together. I was planning to do a similar blog post when we approached each other about a collaboration. We decided to recreate 4 of each others Instagram pictures. Chloe posts very different Instagram’s to me so it was nice to challenge myself to create some different pictures. Chloe has a really lovely polished look to her pictures where mine are more if it looks ok it will get posted.  If you don’t follow Chloe yet you really should!! She is a great lifestyle blogger and takes some gorgeous pictures. You can find her Instagram here.. chloeburfordxSo here goes…

Up first is my rubbish attempt at this lovely selfie! I picked it and realised I don’t own hoop earrings or own a blush pink top! So instead I decided to go for the makeup look that Chloe is wearing in this picture. I haven’t really worn reddish eye shadow before so was really trying to experiment with that. It isn’t exact but I think the makeup is a tiny bit similar. Ok yeah attempt one was a bit of a fail!! And the makeup looks orange but I swear it was more red in real life!!

If you have seen in a previous blog post Nails…  you will know I am trying to make my nails look better and more girly. So when I spotted this one on Chloe’s Insta I really wanted to try and recreate it. Unlike my rubbish first attempt I think this one is pretty accurate.

Chloe also takes the greatest scene/stock pictures for her blog posts which is something I have never really tried or experimented with. By that I mean the kind of pictures you can use on a chatty post or a catch up post as a feature image. So here is my attempt… (I had to borrow my sisters apple laptop briefly)

So for the final picture I decided to trial another scene kind of picture! But this time I put my own Chloe (as in myself) spin on it. Pete the plant makes his second appearance along with Fearne Cottons ‘Calm’ which I am currently reading & my cute Thumper pj shorts. I didn’t quite get the angles right but it’s close!

So there you go! My attempts at Chloe’s Instagram pictures. I have learnt from this experience that I am very slap dash when it comes to blog & insta pics, if it looks god I post it with minimal editing. So please go and check Chloe out she is very organised and plans things and spends time on blog photos unlike myself! Haha.

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x




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