A-Z of Me 2…

In January last year I wrote the first version of this post and it got a lot more interaction then I ever expected it to at the time. You can find that by clicking Here!  So over a year later I am revisiting the idea of this post by giving it a redo/ an update. Here goes…

  • A- August- My birthday month.
  • B- Blogging- I had to include it right?! I love it so much.
  • C- Colour- I don’t have a favorite colour! I like such a range I just can’t pick a single one.
  • D- Dance- I love blogging but Dance beats blogging hands down.
  • E- Evita- Soon I will be in a production of Evita, I’m really excited as I haven’t been on stage for over a year now!!
  • F-Flowers- If you follow me you will know my obsession with flowers.
  • G- Graduate- Can I even call myself a graduate now?? I didn’t the last time I did this post, so I guess I can claim that.
  • H-Happiness
  • I- Instagram- I still have a love for Instagram.
  • J- Jack- The brother and boyfriends names.
  • K- Karaoke- Who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke!!
  • L- ‘Love Rosie’ One of my favourite movies. It’s happy, it’s sad and funny, everything you want from a movie.
  • M- Moon- Sunday night the moon looked really cool it was so thin but looked really big.
  • N-‘Nails’ my last blog post (this is actually difficult to think of something for all of them!)
  • O- Opinion- you should share it!
  • P- Pete the Plant- I have a house plant called Pete, he’s a leopard lily, he’s cool.
  • Q- Queues- I’m British we love them!
  • R- Recruitment- I now work in a recruitment office! Yes I never saw myself in an office but so far, so good!
  • S- ‘The Sound Of Music’- The musical I am producing with the kids I teach for next July.
  • T- Teaching- I never saw myself as a teacher or a teacher figure, but I really enjoy teaching. The faces when they get something is priceless.
  • U- Universe- I need to travel it!
  • V- Variety is the spice of life right??
  • W- Word- My brother out of the blue asked me what my favourite word was the other day and I couldn’t decide? Do you have a favourite word?
  • X- Xenon- thanks to google it is a chemical, atom number 54? See what an educational blog post this is!!
  • Y-Yoga- I need to do more!
  • Z- Zebra- they are cool? (Struggle)

So there you go! My A-Z I hope you enjoyed, it was a lot harder to think of different things!Some of them i really struggled with!

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x


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