I have always envied people with nice nails. I have friends who always have beautifully painted nails. Then I look at mine! Bitten down and just plain rubbish. I hate biting my nails (it’s not nice) but it has almost become an anxious or nervous habit of mine. I have found that as soon as I become on edge, that’s it, any nail’s gone. But that is changing!! I think it was around mid May I decided that I WILL have nice nails. So since then I have been making an effort with my nails. I find it hard to paint my nails equally myself, I end up just making such a mess. So I decided to go to my local nail shop to get gel polish and a manicure. Gel polish is much more hard wearing then normal nail varnish and last for around 2 weeks (I have been getting them done around every three weeks). These were my first set, at that time I didn’t plan on blogging about them so this is the only photo I have!!!

Thanks to this my nails are in such better condition and are actually growing!! (Yay!!) And for once in my life my nails actually look girly! It is also nice to spend a bit of time on myself too, I don’t so that too much. I actually really like sitting in the nail shop listening to people chatting and watching the world go by outside. It’s quite chilled.

I went again yesterday and got these jazzy green metallic nails they did cost a little more but I feel like a mermaid! I am living my Ariel dream which is so worth it. I had a few break last week as they weren’t in great condition to start with so they all look a little shorter in the below picture where they have been filed. I’m sure I will update you on them in the future but for now I am really enjoying getting them done.

Comparing the first picture to the last they look so much better!!! Let me know if you have any suggestions on nail things to get/get done. I still don’t know very much.

Little Mayfly x

27 thoughts on “Nails…

  1. I did not have a Mani/pedi until I was in my 40s when they were becoming popular in ShanghaWhen teaching I would ask the children what colour I should do, the majority won. One year I was teaching several classes grades 5-8 at a school where such primping was frowned upon – I did white gel nails with kitty paw prints!

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  2. Love that green & so proud of you for quitting the nail biting! You should see if your nail shop does the powder dip for your nails instead of gel. Overtime gel will destroy your nails more than biting ’em ever did.

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  3. That gray shade is so chic! I’ve been growing my nails so long, they’re starting to split one finger at a time and it makes me so sad haha I think I’m going to cut them all short this weekend- just so they’re even 🙈

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  4. Omg, I totally relate to this so much!! I’ve never been the best at keeping up with my nails, but I’ve been trying to paint them more often lately 🙂 I still haven’t gotten my nails done at the salon, but I want to go one day soon.

    I love your green metallic nails! They’re so cute!! 💖

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  5. Your nails are so pretty! I also bite my nails. For a couple months, I didn’t bite my nails, and they grew so long and full; however, I got really nervous one night and just bit them all off. I still have pictures of my nails to look at when I think about the good times of not finding stress relief in attacking my nails. Are you going to do complex designs on your nails as well, or will you just stick to one color?

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