Polaroid Of The Month…

Another month another Polaroid to share! This months polaroid was taken on my instax camera in September last year. I took this picture when I was on my way back from France on the ferry, and i felt a little nostalgic about the holiday so I thought I would use this one for my July polaroid. We had got up super earl;y to catch the ferry and everyone else was asleep in the cabin but I was wide awake so I went for a walk around the ferry. I’ve never really traveled very far by ferry before so it was kinda all new to me. I ended up with a hot chocolate sitting at the back of the ferry, over looking the sea whilst doodling in my travel journal.

I really loved sitting at the back of the ferry by myself, which I know sounds odd but it was a really busy holiday so it was nice to take a moment to myself. It was such a peaceful moment as you could hear and feel the vibrations of the moving ferry and the light chatter of people. Plus sea air does something to your soul, it makes me happy. I also liked how the cars were all looking out to sea too! I also love the colors in this photo the deep dark colors of the car then the bright sunlight on the sea and waves.

Thanks for taking a look!

If you have any requests for a particular kind of Polaroid let me know in the comments!

Little Mayfly x


6 thoughts on “Polaroid Of The Month…

  1. This is such a good idea for a blog post! I have an Instax camera but since film is so expensive, I find myself barely using it as I want to save it for special occasions. xx


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