Social Media 2…

Almost a year ago I posted this post on ‘Social Media’ and I had some interesting things to say! I thought I would review my feelings towards social media sites a year later in a littlepost…

I don’t know if I have reduced the amount of time I spend on social media sites since this time last year but I think I use sites very differently. One of those things is that I no longer have the Twitter app on my phone. If I want to take a look I use safari so it’s not as easy to access, which means that I kinda forget about it for most of the time. Deleting the app has also saved me from angry tweeting as much which is also a big bonus as I get a bit fiery about something and within seconds I’ve told the world. Which isn’t the greatest thing to do. On the whole I only really use Twitter to promote my blog posts and to find new bloggers to follow, so my need to use it is much much less.

Instagram well that’s a tough one! Thanks to the introduction of insta stories I hardly use Snap Chat so I guess that a plus but it means I am spending a lot more time looking at the perfect people of the Instagram world! It’s difficult because if you know me you’ll know that I love photography, so for that it’s great! And a great way to share things. But for my self conscious anxiety head it’s not a great thing to be endlessly scrolling through (I think I talked about that a lot last time). Plus the introduction of videos now means I get sucked into the black hole of endless videos and that is a big time waster.

I guess I still have the same issues with social media as I did last year but I think I use it a lot less then I did. I now don’t really care too much if a picture doesn’t get any likes. Yes I could probably detox a little more but I don’t think there is any chance of a complete detox!

Thanks for taking a look! Do yo need a social media detox?

Little Mayfly x



7 thoughts on “Social Media 2…

  1. Hiya Mayfly, you describe very honestly how you feel about the various medias. Millions live with various media almost non-stop. That in itself causes anxiety and dissatisfaction. I do realise that it becomes very addictive but applaud you trying to ” come off ” it as much as you can.

    I have always avoided all except the last year since I became member of WordPress. I do keep in regular contact via private emails with all friends and family living further away. And over telephone.
    Each one to their own.


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  2. I manage to keep my social media use to FB (probably fewer than 30 friends), and some Instagram. I do check Twitter when I think about it. The issue for me is being pretty hopeless using anything beyond FB! I will stick to WordPress for more personal connections with complete strangers.

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  3. I did the same thing for Facebook that you did for Twitter. I just felt that the website was bringing me down as it was full of job/engagement/pregnancy announcements and it was hard not to compare yourself to other people. My favourite app is Instagram, although I can see your point about everyone looking perfect although I feel like stories helps to break that a bit. xx

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