I’ve always loved flowers and I am not sure why? Maybe it’s the delicate petals or the bright colors and different species? But I’ve always just loved looking at them. Each one is slightly different from the one before, and the one before that. I know both sets of my grandparents had/have a big love for flowers and always used to try and teach me about them, my one Nan still flower arranges for weddings and events in her local church. Since getting into my cameras more flowers have always been the subject of my photos and Polaroids. I guess you could maybe say they have kind of become my muses?? So I thought as a little bright easy read Thursday post I would share some of my favorite flower pictures so far…

Those ones I took on a Sunday last week. I love how I got a bug on the top of the last one! Here are some less recent ones that I think I have featured on this blog before….


So there you go! Some of my favorites so far. I use photos a lot like this in my blog posts so if you enjoyed it keep an eye out I am sure there will be more soon!! I also think I am slowly improving on the flower photos!


Little Mayfly x

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