1500 Followers & Post Review…

So I am a few followers away from 1500, which to me is a huge deal! To think of that many people in a room freaks me out! So thank you if you follow me or or even take a second to read my blogs! I am beyond thankful! To kinda celebrate this I thought I would do a round up off some of my posts for you. Here goes…

I have no idea why this post is my most popular and viewed post ever!! It was one of the first that I wrote and when my blog was still a massive secret and it was around the time I realised ‘Ooo I kinda enjoy this posting thing’. From this post you can also see me experimenting with ways I picture myself which I hope I’ve upgraded since then?? I find it so funny as some days I get a few likes in it and can’t believe people read it!! So here is is my most popular post… Faux rook piercing…

I think the blog posts that I am most proud of are the mental health Q&A series I did back a few months ago. Even though my mental health is doing fine I still love to spread the word and say my bit. In this series I got such amazing answers from a range of lovely bloggers who were so honest. So thank you if you took part in that series I will like the last of the series here as it links all the rest in the post Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A…

Since blogging my love for photography has grown so so much!! And with that love for captured memories, my love for Polaroid’s has grown and grown hence the ‘Polaroid Of The Month’ series. So I thought I would include my favourite post from that series so far!! It has to be this one from for me!! I love it, and it’s a pretty recent one too… Polaroid Of The Month

I have started to dabble in more in the fashion kinda side of blogging and I was so happy with this next post! I would really love to do some more style posts but always find it a bit awkward to set up a camera and take photos of myself in random locations. But here is my A Denim Jacket…

So there is a little round off of some of my favourite blog posts! Thanks again for the 1500 Followers!!

Little Mayfly x

26 thoughts on “1500 Followers & Post Review…

  1. Congratulations and says a great deal about your post quality and engagement. Sorry I canโ€™t add to the followers to get over that goal post…because Iโ€™m already following!

    How long have you been blogging? I only ask as Iโ€™m interested in how blogs grow over time. A friend of mine blogs about that sort of thing to inspire new bloggers and help them get over the initial tumbleweed points where many may give up.

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    1. Thank you!! Iโ€™ve been blogging nearly two year at the end of August some posts get more views, likes and comments then others but to me thatโ€™s doesnโ€™t matter as long as I write about things I like x

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      1. I think we all find that. The important thing is to be true to what you like writing about. Chasing views and likes is probably the way to ruin the enjoyment.

        Pretty good going though for two years x

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