So I’ve wanted to do this post for a while as over my time in the blogging world I have read a few blog posts from lady bloggers talking about there experience with contraception. And I have really enjoyed reading them! Maybe because I am nosey? But I think it is so good to talk about any subject that comes with a taboo and isn’t a dinner table convocation. So if your one of those ladies thanks for the inspiration!!

Me, Chloe, right here and right now I cant think of anything worse then getting pregnant! I bow down to the women my age and younger who can raise a mini human!! But personally I really don’t think I could do it! Not now! Not yet! I can hardly sort myself out let alone a tiny little life. This being so I think it’s so important to talk about here are a few little things I’ve been thinking about.

  1. Talk about it… And by this I mean to your partner or thing of the moment or even a friend. I know its a hushed subject between couples for some strange reason but it’s a good convocation to have. It means your both on the same page and you can both be happy about what you both want. It may be a bit awkward especially if it’s a ne night stand situation but I think it’s a very good convo to have.
  2. Horror Stories… I’m sure everyone has heard them!! Oh that gives you blood clots or don’t take that I was really sick or things like my friends, sisters brothers girlfriend got the coil and it damaged her insides. Yes on very rare occasions do problems occur but on the whole I think most people are ok! Just don’t let stories put you off picking something that could work for you! (Which leads me onto my next point).
  3. What suits you… There are so many different types of pills, gadgets and things that can do the job of no babies!! For me I’m on the pill and have been since I was around 16, firstly to just control my periods and now for contraception. I also use condoms just to be extra safe!! I was rubbish at rembering to take my pill before I got in a relationship(naughty I know) but I know have a reminder set up on my phone that works for me. I have friends on the implant so it’s whatever works for you!

So there you go if you take any moral from this blog post please let it be ‘just talk about it’ (I think that’s a good moral to follow in life with most things anyway). But especially with this one.

Thanks for taking a look! Let me know what your opinions are.

Little Mayfly x

17 thoughts on “Contraception…

  1. YES YES YES! I think there needs to be so much more open discussion about contraception because . . . i mean, who wants to be getting right now? In awe of people who can raise kids at this age, but like you I am NOT up for that xx

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  2. I can relate. I can barely take care of myself, let alone a child. It’s not something I envision but that can change, who knows?
    Contraception should be discussed more. It’s not a taboo but some women are not interested in it.

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  3. This is one of the most important things we need to talk about so it’s a shame it’s kinda taboo.. We never really had any kind of sex-ed at my school because apparently the boys were too childish and ruined it for the rest of us so I had to learn through the internet when I was in my mid teens and boy do I wish I had the chance to learn from someone with actual experience instead.

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    1. Wow that’s interesting! I had a lot of sex ed throughout school but i still myself lack the knowledge on a lot of it! Amazing we are not educated on it! Thanks for commenting Xx


  4. For me, it isn’t much of a taboo so much as I believe in speaking to health care professionals who do know what they are talking about haha! I’m happy to share my experiences, but I don’t want someone to make a decision based on my anecdotes- as you say, one woman may LOVE an IUD while another has an incredibly traumatic experience. (I also typically try to keep my posts applicable to both genders, as my readers are split fairly close to 50/50 on female to male.) Thanks for being another willing voice in an important discussion 🙂

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  5. Amazing that this continues to be a somewhat taboo topic! When I was a ‘mature’ student, mother of four, I walked by a group of nursing students discussing the most effective contraception. One student piped up tubal ligation is 100% guaranteed. Remember, I was already a mature student, often mistaken for an instructor, so I stepped in and told them they might want to confirm that mistaken percentage with their teacher. (One of whom I knew) When they looked sceptical I gave the numbers 3:1000. I was one of those 3. (Vasectomies are also not 100%) So, I also said the only safe contraceptive is abstinence. Maybe. If the look of shared shock meant I had managed to get through to even one young person I felt my interruption was justified. So, yes research and talk to the appropriate health professionals.

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  6. Definitely not a subject not really spoken about! I spoke to one of my best friends about it before I made a decision to ask some questions. I’m on it for period control and it is the best thing I’ve done. I changed from one pill to a different one after a couple of years and this one I’m on now is so much better. I haven’t had any of the side effects with it which I think everyone is scared about, but I’ve been fine 🙂

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  7. It is important to talk about contraception especially if you’re getting into a relationship or have recently got into one. Everyone does have different opinions and thoughts and I wonder if it’s because contraception has changed since it was first introduced and what may have been the ‘norm’ to use then may have changed and people who used contraception 30 or 40 years ago don’t use it now. The internet is a really helpful place to find information. Compared to some people I probably started using contraception late but I didn’t feel the need to until I got into my first relationship a couple of years ago. When I went to the doctor to ask about it I felt awkward, purely because it’s not often talked about. Interesting post 🙂

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