1 Year Out Of Uni…

Hey! So I kinda can’t believe it but I have been out of university for a year now! Complete madness. I can’t believe its been a year since I left London, a year since I last performed on stage and a year since I came home. I’m not complaining it’s been a bloody brilliant year but it’s weird thinking everything I did at uni is now really far behind me. I thought I would compile some of my thoughts about the past year since leaving uni in this blog post.

I think the most difficult thing in the past year has been getting used to family life again. Fitting back into their routines and ways of doing things. I mean I know I came home for every summer but I was always going back again. For the past 3 years I had cooked, went out and did all sorts and never really had to tell anyone what and where I was going. But being back home I have to let them know what I am doing all the time. Which is kind of frustrating. I guess I can’t just be as spontaneous now. Maybe it’s just that bit of freedom that I miss? But I think it extends to not just family life but getting used to life outside of education. I mean I have been in education since I had just turned 4 so that’s a long time depending on a new timetable every September. So I kind of felt weird as it came to September and I had nothing to do. I’m not going to lie but I was really lost for a while and I think it’s only been since the new year that I’ve really got into the swing of being Chloe again.  

Up next was of course the dreaded job hunt!! I wont say too much on this one as I have spoken a lot about this in the past few months but will leave this link here The Job Hunt… where I moan about it some more!!

Whilst at uni I made some amazing friends! And so it’s so difficult to not see them everyday as they kind of become your adopted family whilst your at uni. It wasn’t until I left uni that I realised that we all live really far apart and they are all very busy getting on with their lives. I know I am the most rubbish person ever at texting people so I do blame myself for not getting in touch more. I guess I support kind of from a distance by liking everything they do on social media!!

There you go there are a few rough thoughts about the past year. Its been a very up and down year!

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x



7 thoughts on “1 Year Out Of Uni…

  1. To leave the relative security of the educational system with so many people around you every day is not easy. You feel at a loose end.
    The best for you is to find work that will give you new interest and independence and as soon as money will allow you could find your own little abode.
    You go, it is more rewarding than you might believe.

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  2. Can’t relate to this enough! I’ve been thinking this over the past few weeks. I spent my entire life dancing hours a day, and now I look and realise I haven’t danced in over a year! As much as I’ve achieved more in the past year than I have in my life, I can’t help but feel like it was all a waste xx
    Glad you’re well b x

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