2018 So Far…

It’s June which is the half way point of the year!! So I thought I would do a review of the past six months. This year has flown by really really fast again New Years felt like yesterday, I was bevved having a great time and now it’s June already. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!

So far I haven’t had too many adventures this year. I’ve been to Worcester, Nottingham for a weekend and managed to get back to London for a day which was a mighty big deal! Oh and I went to the beach (Now thinking about it that is a lot). But I would like to do more. It’s coming into the summer now though so I hope more adventures will be on the cards very soon.

I think the biggest thing to happen in these 6 months has been getting my job. I never saw myself as an office girl but so far I am really enjoying it! I have my own little desk and it’s nice because for once I have a bit of a purpose! I’m not just hanging around waiting for my next tiny pub shift. Plus the extra money is really nice to have. But I think it has already helped me in other ways. Mental health wise I’m doing really good! The start of the year was a little rough as I still felt like I was aimlessly going about life. But the last few months have been really good. Of course there is the odd moment of the normal negative thoughts and panic but on the whole I’m doing really good. Positive vibes only!

This year so far I have also gone crazy for photography! I think I am gradually getting better?? Here are a few I’ve been loving…

ILMY0601YAUO4184DSC01396 So there you go! A little look over the past 6 months.

Here Is to the next half of 2018!!

Little Mayfly x

21 thoughts on “2018 So Far…

  1. I love that little postbox on the side of the tree!! And I find that having a steady job is a positive boost for my mental health, as well. I think I’m finally looking to start monetizing my blog (25+ hours a week for 3 1/2 years is a lot of work haha) but I could never give up my regular job, I need that stability!!

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