Last Thursday I tried sushi for the first time! Yep it’s taken me nearly 22 years to try raw fish and rice rolled up! Plus its taken me a week to gather my sushi thought! I mean I have tried some supermarket meal deal sushi before but that was not nice! So I was a little apprehensive about going. We went to a Yo Sushi in Worcester and went with Jack and his work friend and his girlfriend came along too so I guess it was kind of a date night. And of course I took lots of pictures because I would be a bad blogger otherwise right??๐Ÿ˜‚

I’m not gunna lie we did get a little excited about the whole conveyer belt idea so we ate loads really quick! It was like ‘Oo look at that, quick grab it’. But to start off we were the only people in there so it wasn’t like it would be gone forever if we didn’t. But It was all so so tasty, my mouth hasn’t been that full of flavour in a very long time. So goooood!!

I think my favourite was the sushi with all the sauce in the picture below. They were really tasty and the sauce was really good too!! You can also order from the main menu so I also ordered a Katsu curry as I hadn’t tried one before and people go crazy for them!! That’s also pictured below in the pink bowl!

All in all I would so go again!! I loved it so much the whole experience was really fun! It’s not somewhere where you would want to go everyday as it wouldn’t be so unique! But I would so so go again!

Do you like sushi? Or have you not tried it?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for taking a look!!

Little Mayfly x

23 thoughts on “Sushi…

  1. The best โ€˜sushiโ€™ I ever had was at a Japanese restaurant in a Shanghai five star hotel – I had won a 600CNY gift certificate (at the time roughly 100CAD). I invited a fellow teacher who had been a chef, thinking he would have an appreciation for high quality. At least I enjoyed the meal! The conveyor belt style was very popular when I lived in Shanghai and a great way to introduce my daughters to sushi for maybe 100-150CNY.

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