Mini Goals Review 1…

So back in the end of February I did a blog post setting myself some mini goals. (You can find that here Mini Goals… ) And seeing as thought that was a little while ago now I thought I would go back and see if I ticked anything off my list.

  1. Go to Cheltenham Races- Yay achieved I did this one back in march you can find my post on it here Cheltenham Races 2018…
  2. Go out clubbing more- I haven’t actually been clubbing, but I have been going to the pub most weekends with my friends which I really enjoy so I guess its similar? Right?!
  3. Go to more concerts (Because they make me happy)- I am still trying to work on this one! But I may be going to a Jazz night soon.
  4. Go to a festival (Which one should I pick??)- I’m not sure this one will be possible this year so maybe next year?
  5. Practise photography more- I think I’ve done this one because I have been taking lots of spring flower photos at the moment, but need to keep it up!
  6. Play around with photo editors- I am still trying for this one.
  7. Take dance class (Yes I teach but I need to dance myself)- Still in the process but I may have found a practice space.
  8. Dance video- I had a really good idea the other day so I guess this one is also in the works.
  9. Do more yoga (because you know you always feel better afterwards)- I still need to do this more!!
  10. Find a Job- Completed (thank god!!)
  11. Keep up the good range of blog posts- I hope I have achieved this?? If not I will carry on.

So that’s looking quite hopeful I have either started or completed most of the goals. Below are some more to add to the list seeing as though I have completed some.

  1. Book some kind of holiday.
  2. Start exercising more.
  3. Read more books.
  4. Make some summer plans.

Until next time mini goals post.

Little Mayfly x

20 thoughts on “Mini Goals Review 1…

  1. Although I do suggest to my daughters they write mini-goals I do not really have any. At least not in writing. That said, after my last blog I started to rethink photography. Reading is ALWAYS my go to for not doing anything else. Lesson learned from my mother: spend that last ten cents on lunch or a book? (No idea how much that is these days – she was a student circa 1953)
    Travel is my only list.

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  2. Taking more photos is always on my list, and spring is definitely a good opportunity! My blog and social media is full of spring flower photos!

    I’ve also nominated you for a quotes challenge over on my blog if you’re interested 😊

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