This Time Last Year 2…

This time last year I wrote the first addition of this post and it really helped my align things in my head. So here goes…

This time last year I didn’t think I would have made it that far, but I don’t think last years Chloe would have thought she would have made it this far either. A lot has happened in the past year, like I got a boyfriend and I Graduated from a degree I didn’t think I could finish. I mean last year the end was in sight but I still had a long way to go. But I did it! Coming home was also tough I had to fit back into family life which wasn’t easy to begin with and at times still isn’t but it is what it is.

Once I graduated the job hunt began and no lie that’s been really difficult. I managed to get my teaching job pretty quickly and started in September, which I am so thankful for falling into it. It gives me the opportunity to carry on dancing plus teach some pretty cool kids. Last year I thought I would never find a dance involved job near home. But since returning home I have been working in pubs to get some more money coming in, but I’ve worked in pubs since I was 15 so have been looking for something better since coming home. I think roughly I have applied for around 250 jobs since coming home in June. So many applications!! But finally 10 months later I have finally as of yesterday been accepted in a admin role!!!! YAY!! FINALLYY!! I was giving up hope in all honesty! I just didn’t think getting a full time job was ever going to happen. So happy!!

Mental health wise this time last year I was tired and craved a break and home comforts. Now I feel a lot better, kind of lighter. Yes I still have issues a lot of the time but on the whole its getting better. I don’t feel panicked as often as I did, I think the slower pace of life at home suits me so much better. I’m sure if you follow this blog you will have seen all of my posts on how I’m doing. On Monday I went to London and this time last year I never wouldn’t have even considered going back ever, ever, ever again! I would have shot you down straight away! I was never going back, So if anything that shows how far I’ve come since this time last year. A long way!

Then there’s blogging I don’t think this time last year I would still be writing these posts and still loving it! Plus I’ve now got a good following so I’m very thankful for that! If you wanted to check out last years post you can find it here … This time last year…

Thanks for taking a look, until next year…

Little Mayfly x

4 thoughts on “This Time Last Year 2…

  1. I love the idea of this post (I might take some inspo from it, if that’s okay!) and I’m so happy you’ve come further than you thought you would! I think we can all get into that mindset that we’ll never get out of the hole we’re in, but I think reflecting back on and can make you realise if you do ever feel that way again, you managed to get past it once before and can do it again!

    Beka |

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