Future Blog Post Ideas…

Recently I’ve been really stuck for blog post ideas which really isn’t like me. Normally I either have something planned or just get inspired to write. So today I challenged myself to write a list of as many possible post ideas within ten minutes to see what I could come up with! Please let me know if you would like to see a certain type of post or if you really like one of these ideas…

  1. Exploring posts (I need to go to more places)
  2. Contraception
  3. Clothes haul/outfit post
  4. Travel journal post
  5. Doodles (some of my random doodles)
  6. Tattoo (tattoo update and tips)
  7. Social anxiety post
  8. Favourite places
  9. Piercings
  10. Dance (I was thinking some kind of series)
  11. Polaroid’s
  12. Favourite books
  13. Favourite foods
  14. Food reviews
  15. This time last year
  16. Make up routine/what I use
  17. Hair tutorial
  18. Hair post in general
  19. Summer
  20. Summer plans/ goals
  21. Collaboration of some sort?
  22. DIYs
  23. Knitting post
  24. My Camera/ how I edit pictures
  25. Blog tips 2
  26. Recipes
  27. A-Z of me part 2
  28. More dating fails?
  29. Stories about teaching kids
  30. Audition experience
  31. Going back to London
  32. 22 things in 22 years (August)
  33. Another Q&A
  34. A give away??
  35. Favourite quotes
  36. Blog posts I’ve loved (may be monthly)
  37. My job hunt
  38. Photography tips and hints
  39. Lamb update
  40. Musicals

So there’s 40 rough ideas let me know what you think!


Little Mayfly x


41 thoughts on “Future Blog Post Ideas…

  1. Getting stuck is real! I actually came across a Tweet about to many pictures but no post ideas, or not pictures, but post ideas. It was funny and very accurate. I love these ideas though and I hope the blogging muse inspires you! ❀

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  2. Great ideas! πŸ™‚ Sometimes it can be so hard coming up with something to blog about, and then other times it’s like you’ve got a thousand ideas running around all crazy in your head and have a hard time picking which one to write about. lol Or at least that’s been my experience with it. πŸ˜›

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