As a lot of you probably know I love photos so it’s no surprise that I think Instagram is my favourite app. So heres a little post about it!! As long as you can ignore or get past the beautiful women who you want to compare yourself too or the bendy yoga people who tie themselves in impossible knots it’s a really good platform.

There are so many different elements which I think are really good about Instagram. From artsy edgy photography to selfies and the endless scrolling through the explore section there’s a lot to take a look at! Plus I really like the save option where you can save a picture for later which is really handy when you want to show someone something!!

I have a blog Instagram which is @littlemayfly_blog and my own personal one @chloemay33 . I love looking back at my personal insta as it marks all of the events and things that I’ve been up to over for the past few years! It also shows how much I’ve changed in the past few years as well! Below is my most recent and my first ever Instagram photos can you guess which is which??

My blog Instagram is slowly building up followers but very slowly!! I think it’s a cool way to share when you’ve shared a new post incase people aren’t aware or have missed it! So if you haven’t already I would love if you gave me a follow ☺️

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

25 thoughts on “Instagram…

  1. Really haven’t got into Instagram yet. There’s the odd photo of the dog, but not much else. When it’s not linked to WP I wondered if it was actually worth bothering with?

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  2. I usually just use IG to keep up with ‘real’ friends and blogger friends alike.. It’s a good enough platform for me but I do miss the chronological feeds. You made it very easy to guess which year the pictures are from though, the date is left in in one of them hehe x

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