Imagine Dragons…

So last night I went to see Imagine Dragons. It was a pretty spontaneous trip as my friends had a spare ticket so I hopped along. I knew most of their popular songs before going but had to have a listen up on their new ones!! But It was amazing!

I had so much fun! Their songs although at times a little dark have such a great beat you can’t help but dance to! Dan Reynolds you voice is madness such a vocal range yet raspy and beautiful (Plus he’s been working out those arms!!)! He also did an amazing speech at the beginning on what a dark time the world is facing with school shootings and terror which was so good! Later he went on to say about how he suffered with depression (which made me cry! And I don’t cry in public!!), then they sang Demons which has always been my favourite song (then more crying). (Also soz guys this photo below is bad but I wanted to include it 😜)

I had a great night! If you don’t know them I greatly suggest you give them a YouTube!! Just had to write a little something because this weeks been rough but I so so needed that night. There is something about live music which just gets me, feeds my soul kinda feeling!!

Thanks friends!!

Also thanks for reading!!

Little Mayfly x

24 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons…

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! Okay, I’m a teeeeeny little bit jealous – this would have been so awesome to go to, I’m glad you had a good time! Live music really does have a way of sending a lightning bolt through you, it’s incredible. x

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  2. You’re so blessed to have seen ID!!! Hehe I love that band. They’re definitely a bit dark but also uplifting in a different sort of way. I’m so glad seeing them helped make your week better!xoxoxo

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