‘Happy’ By Fearne Cotton Review…

So I have never related to a book more in my entire life (I’m honestly not exaggerating)! And I know I am late to it as this book has been out a while and I know normally your write a review after you’ve finished something but I couldn’t wait that long, and plus I don’t want to wiz through the book, its a book I think I will need to work through!! Also thanks Timmy two friends for suggesting this book! After reading the first few little sections as I was sat in a local coffee shop I couldn’t help thinking “WHERE HAS THIS BOOK BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE”. Now if you follow me you will know I blog about my experience with anxiety and depression and so I have written and read my fair share of blog posts on the subject, never have I read anything that hits the nail on the head more than this book and made me think “Sh*t Balls me too” (sorry for the language I have no other words to describe it, honest!!).

Now I know it wont be for everyone but I highly suggest it to anyone who has ever thought they have suffered with a low moods or a few or a lot of depressive thoughts doctor diagnosed or not! The way Fearne describes how she has felt/feels and the way she writes it couldn’t be more spot on. I have even underlined certain sections which I loved such as ‘I would put on a fake smile, walk out the door, go into robot mode and got through what was needed’ (pg, 14), for me this perfectly summed up my second year at university, before I even had a name for the way I was feeling. It is also an interactive book, which for a ‘Wreck This Journal’ fan, and a random doodler like me it’s a great addition to the book. Some pages contain little graphs for you to fill in as well as a colour chart at the front of the book to track how you feel as you go through the pages.

I am literally so so excited to continue reading and making my way through this book. It makes you stop and think as well as help pin point where you need to improve your thoughts, lifestyle and mood. Because who doesn’t want to be ‘Happy’ right??

I also know this is very upbeat from my last post! I’m still struggling through this week but this book is actually helping me out!

Here is a link to the book on amazon:Β ‘Happy’ By Fearne Cotton.

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

15 thoughts on “‘Happy’ By Fearne Cotton Review…

  1. I loved wreck this journal the the others in the series! Have heard so many things about this book and I feel like it might be just what I need as a pick me up at the moment. I think the only reason I’ve not yet invested is because it seems a little pricy for a book – but you’ve made it sound worth the price tag! xoxox

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