Exploring Tewkesbury…

Today I went for a wonder around Tewkesbury, a small medieval town situated in Gloucestershire just where the river Avon and the river Severn meet. For a small town it is not only bursting with charity shops and hairdressers but also lots and lots history. From recent historical record breaking floods in 2007 to the great Battle of Tewkesbury back in 1471. For a town I feel it has a lot going for it or maybe I am just biased. It’s the place I pinned for whilst at uni, the place I grew up and the place I now live. To me Tewkesbury is home.

Tewkesbury is full of so many different kinds of buildings and architecture, from black and white Tudor buildings, Georgian shops and the nearly 900 year old Abbey. If you get a chance to walk around the Abbey I highly suggest it, it’s such a cool space even if your not religious, for a little town it’s very unusual to have an Abbey. As a kid we always had school Christmas shows and carol services as well as my 6th form end of school celebration services, over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in there. Tewkesbury is also famously known for having lots and lots of alley ways (random I know) I believe there was 90 in total but not all of them are there anymore due to house entrances and being gated off to the public!!

But personally I think the best places to go are off from the main high street and down the side streets to the river. You might even spot my favourite antique shop on your way (pictured below). Sitting by the river on one of the many benches or taking a stroll across the green bridge to the Ham then across to the weir or take a look at the abandoned Healings Mill or walking up to the lock. In the summer you can also get boat rides to Twinning up stream or even get an ice cream! There is a lot of things to see around the river side and it is really lovely especially on a sunny but cold day like today. I have so many memories of sat eating a cone of chips by the river with family or friends, I even had some by myself last summer on one of my day off as that’s all I fancied doing.

lrg_dsc00892Yes ok it doesn’t have much night life, none of your usual high street shops such as new look or top shop and the people are the same weird people as always but to me it’s home and I love it! I spoke to a friend a while back and he said ‘there is something funny about Tewkesbury it doesn’t matter where you are in the world it always pulls you back, there is nowhere like it’. I think he’s right because I wouldn’t change it for the world. There is a lot more I could have said about this little town but think I will leave it at that!!

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

16 thoughts on “Exploring Tewkesbury…

  1. A beautifully written story about Tewkesbury, your home town.
    I have been there for a two day visit and did visit the Abbey as a priority. It is interesting to hear from a local how little things have changed. That is wonderful, the country is crowded with shops anyway.

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