1000 Followers Q&A…

So I have managed to hit 1000 followers on this strange little blog of mine!! WHAT?? Uhhh 1000 people my brain doesn’t compute with that amount of people!! Because that is a big big number. You may have seen my last post which asked you lovely viewers of mine for questions that you would like me to answer. So here goes here are the questions I was asked… (I am going to try and tag a link to everyone’s blog so you can go take a look at their content).

Chanelle from  Chanellehayley.wordpress.com asked..

  • How are you planning to celebrate 1000?  I’m not to sure I think this blog post will probably be my biggest celebration!
  • If you could be another blogger for the day who would you choose?  Maybe Marzia not only is she cute her blog is too and I enjoy reading her content. 

Ally from writeallywrite.wordpress.com asked me…

  •  What keeps me motivated? To be honest I am the worst at keeping myself motivated, I can so easily just decide to sit and do nothing. I find keeping myself busy is the best way to stop my mind from wondering.

Emily from http://emilyburnsmua.wordpress.com/ questioned…

  • Where do you see your blog in a year? I really am not sure of the answer to this question, to be honest I am amazed I have kept it up for this long! I guess maybe just keep on going and see where it takes me??
  • What is the last photograph you took? I think it was this one..

Angela from http://thelifeofangela.com/ asked…

  • Do you have any blogging goals currently? 1000 followers was a big step and goal for me, maybe going self hosted could be my next one?

Jasmine from http://itssimplymejasmineblog.wordpress.com/‘s question was…

  • What’s one of your favourite memories? I’m not sure on an exact one as I have a load but I’m sure which ever one I my favourite it would probably have something to do with playing as a kid.

Karalee from http://talesofbelle.com/ asked me…

  • What are you Christmas and New years plans? Nothing to exciting xmas day with the family then a meal and pantomime with my boyfriends family on boxing day. Then I have no idea for New years yet that’s normally a last minute plan.

Hunida from http://hunidasblog.wordpress.com/ questioned…

  • What’s your favourite snack? Chocolate for sure!! Cadburys fruit and nut if you’ve got it!

Up Next Gluecksgeist her link is https://gluecksgeist.wordpress.com/ she asked…

  • What was your second post? My second post was this little cutie Polaroids…
  • Who is your favourite YouTuber at the moment? I have been trying to get back into yoga so I am really loving Yoga With Adriene. She explains everything so clearly.

Emma from http://emmakeown.wordpress.com/

  • Biggest blog inspiration? I’m not sure who is my blogging inspiration! I just kind of go for it haha.
  • Any Tv shows you would recommend? I am really loving Peaky Blinders at the moment! Or outlander on amazon prime is good.
  • If you could change anything about the world what would it be? I guess I would change how unkind people are to one another, objects and other things I think there is way too much unkindness kicking around.

Caz from http://invisiblyme.com/ asked me…

  • Do you believe in karma? Yeah I think I do in ways, I definitely think that what goes around comes around!
  • Can you touch your nose with your tounge? Nope I am nowhere near!!
  • Do you tend to live for today and be spontaneous with money, or plan ahead and save? I like to plan ahead and save as I think it helps me keep track of everything, but if I have nothing to do for a day I’m always up for a spontaneous adventure.
  • What’s your favourite swear word/curse phrase? Well as I’ve got older swear words have creeped their way into my vocabulary. I think I would have to go with Shit! I just end up popping it into nearly every sentence. It just happens.

So there you go there are your questions you asked me!! Hope you enjoyed it!!

Little Mayfly x

29 thoughts on “1000 Followers Q&A…

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog! Loved reading your answers 🙂 I swear so much more than I used to but hey ho lol. The last photograph you took is lovely. I can touch my tongue with my nose haha 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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