1000 follower Q&A, Questions Needed…

So I am slowly edging towards 1000 Followers!! What! How? Where and When! Thanks for everyone continued support I can’t thank people enough!

So to celebrate the near hitting of 1000 followers I wanted to do a Q&A with you guys but to do that I need your questions!! Ask me anything you like! I have done a Q&A before back in august which you can find by clicking here!!

I will close this post on Sunday the 17th so you have until then to ask me all your questions! Blog related, lifestyle, my fav colour anything ☺️ And by then I think I will have hit 1000!!

Get asking…

Thanks again

Little Mayfly x

28 thoughts on “1000 follower Q&A, Questions Needed…

  1. Oooo exciting times! Congrats – How are you going to celebrate the big 1,000 milestone?
    I’m pretty pants when it comes to questions but…
    1. Do you believe in karma?
    2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? (Mine seems to go nowhere near!)
    3. Do you tend to live for today and be spontaneous with money, or plan ahead and save?
    4. What’s your favourite swear word/curse phrase? (I have far too many hahah!)

    Caz x

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