Feeling Festive? Uhh Nope…

I have no idea what it is but I am the worst at feeling festive! Come December 1st I couldn’t think of anything worse then starting to listen to Christmas music  No matter how many blogmas posts I read the festive spirit probably wont hit me until at least the 20th. I decided not to do blogmas because I know I am the worst at feeling festive, and who wants to read that!! But it seems like I am surrounded by excited people who love Christmas so so much! We all know one of them.. They squeal at every xmas song or tell you for hours what they are planning to do for Christmas and then wear a Christmas jumper everyday from the 1st!!

I have no idea why I never feel festive? Maybe because I am always working or studying on the build up to the 25th? Like this year I have already hosted at least 5 Christmas party group meals at the restaurant I work at. I just see them pulling crackers and wearing the crappy coloured paper hats and jut think ‘uggghh eww christmas eww’ I couldn’t think of anything worse at the moment. It’s not like I’m ignoring Christmas in general because I am so nearly organised with all of my present buying and only have a few more to get which is very organised for me for once! I’m not the richest person at the moment so I wanted to start early so I still had some money for things and to get me through the festive season as I’m sure there will be many pub sessions to come!

I’m not saying I’m a total scrooge I do like Christmas but just not too early! Maybe I just need to watch Nativity or Elf they always gets me in the Christmas mood??

Thanks of taking a look.

Little Scrooge (for now)


13 thoughts on “Feeling Festive? Uhh Nope…

  1. It takes me a while to get into it too! I need to go look at decorations and get my shopping done first. Then I need to make some Christmas goodies so somewhere around the 19th or 20th it all comes together! And, the music, ya they should not be allowed to play Christmas music until the 10th (minimum!)

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  2. I completely understand what you mean about being too busy working or studying. I am usually 100% in the Christmas spirit, but this year I’m away from my family, just got dumped and am working with Santa so I’m way too busy to remember to enjoy Christmas!


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