House Décor Wish List…

So at the moment I keep finding items that I love for a house that I realistically won’t own for years yet. I am currently in no financial place to even rent or think about buying a place thanks to being a recent graduate. But a girl can wish right?? So here is my house wish list…

So up first is Urban Outfitters yes their things are expensive and I could probably somehow make the item they sell but I love the way they look… This is a hanging glass display case which can be found here… I really love the way it looks hanging on a wall with some of your random items in it. I have so many polaroid pictures that I have no idea how to display and this would be a good way to display at least a few of them. But this exact one is £22.00 which is very expensive for a picture frame!!!


Up next wall tapestries I have always loved wall hangings and in the past have purchased one for a friends house warming present from Camden Market in London for only £10 and that one is so so pretty. When it comes to wall hangings it is so worth shopping around for them. The one pictured below is from Urban Outfitters. Now I really like the mandala patterns on this one but you can find similar wall hangings for so much cheaper than this one at £49.00.


Up next Etsy! I could spend hours scrolling through the endless items on Etsy but you do have to watch out because again somethings can be overpriced. At the moment I have a real thing for dream catchers, I can remember making one as a kid and always had it hanging by my bed and Etsy’s site is full of beautiful hand made ones. Here are two examples that I love the look of…

I really like all of the geometric shapes at the moment and again from Etsy I really like these storage shelves. You can get them in loads of shapes, colours and sizes and I think they make something of a plain wall. These are priced at £14.99 for the set of three but I am sure you could make these cheaper if your handy with some wood and nails.


And finally I am still loving Geometric planters and Terrariums that have been around for a while now. These are now pretty popular house hold decorations and can be found in so many shops from a couple of pounds to lots of pounds. Here are a few that I love the look of.

So there you go! A few items that I love the idea of  but have no where near enough room for them. Maybe one day??

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

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