Working with kids…

So if you follow me and my blogs you will know that in September I managed to get myself a job teaching dance to kids. So far I’m having such a great time working with them as they are so so funny!! From informing me that their second toe from the right has been sore (Ummm okay? If it hurts more let me know) to how one has a pet owl and sits watching television with him! I never really have any idea what’s going to come out of their little mouths.

So I teach a musical theatre class on a Friday evening to ages from 6-15 and chose to do Sherk the musical with them! There was me thinking its young, fun and a newish musical and who doesn’t know who Shrek is? It’s a legendary film right? How wrong was I! Half way through the first lesson about half of the class informed me they had never actually seen shrek!! What! What! This information does not compute with me! How can you never have seen Shrek! Having grown up with shrek I was shocked! But then I did the maths! Shrek was released in 2001. Half the kids weren’t even a thought of idea yet and like me on of them were alive when the film came out! This being so I suggested it was a very good idea to watch the movie!! But what should I expect from a class I told to “egg” the movement and really take their time on the movement because one of them took it literally and curled up on the floor as an egg (face palm)!!

Up next a moment that really made me giggle to myself. I teach a little performance class for half hour on a Saturday so normally just create a short sequence and chuck it on them and see how they get on. Normally it goes quite well and by the end of the half hour they are able to perform it a bit. So one week one of the kids turned around to me and asked “Miss Chloe could you show us how it’s suppose to look?” Omg my moment has come! this is my time to shine! I’m gunna show these kids how the experts do it😂 So I did the sequence for them and they all sat and watched at the end they looked at each other and said “That was good that was”, one tuned to me and said “Oh your actually quite good at that Miss Chloe” uhhh thanks guys I have been dancing for a fair few years now 😂😂 I did have to giggle to myself about it!

There you go there’s a few funny things that have happened to me in my classes the past few months!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

19 thoughts on “Working with kids…

  1. Aww loved reading this! Kids are such a laugh – you genuinely can’t predict what’s going to come out of their mouths next xD but OMG how have they not seen shrek??? even if they didn’t grow up with it, what kind of responsible parents dont share shrek with their kids?? xx

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