100th Post…

So for my 100th post I thought I would look back and re-share with you some of my favourite posts that I have posted in just over a year of blogging, so here goes…

  1. My First Festival… Not only was this about my first ever festival but it was my first ever blog post! Since then I have definitely learnt a thing or two about the world of blogging but it’s nice to see how far my writing style and knowledge of blogging has come since the start.
  2. Anxiety & Depression… Still one of my first’s but I think the most popular of all the blog posts I have ever written. I find it personally amazing how far I have come since this post!
  3. Lunch in Camden… Because who doesn’t love wondering around London on their own and grabbing a bite to eat overlooking a cannel.
  4. Graduation… This one isn’t as significant as the first two but I found this was a turning point for me as it was the end of my university experience and the start of my adult life. This was also the point where I felt I wanted to put more time into this blog.
  5. My Bucket List… And finally my all time favourite post is my Bucket List posts I even loved doing a year later review which you can find here … Bucket List 1 Year Later…and I actually managed to tick off quite a few things!!

Hope you can take a look back at some of these and have a little throwback or if you haven’t seen them before take a little read of them.

Thanks for reading and supporting me as always.

Little Mayfly x

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