Pumpkin Carving…

So last night me and Jack spent the evening carving pumpkins in front of a lush open fire! (Could we get anymore autumnal?). It took me ages to decided what to carve as last year I did a game of thrones themed pumpkin which actually look me hours to carve and felt there was no way I was going to out do that! This year I stuck to something a bit more Halloween themed and carved a witch sat with her cauldron, and jack went for a skeleton pirate skull. Here is a few pictures of our evening…

DSC00231 - CopyDSC00239 - CopyDSC00248 - CopyDSC00249 - CopyDSC00256

DSC00247 - CopySo that’s what I spent my evening doing last night! Halloween isn’t as largely celebrated in England as it is in like America but I really like celebrating all things creepy and spooky.

Thanks for taking a look at. What’s your favourite thing to carve into pumpkins??

Little Mayfly x

29 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving…

  1. I’ve only carved a pumpkin once, last year, and I did Jack Skellington. Really enjoyed it! Though mine certainly was no Herculean Game Of Thrones effort! These look fab, great work guys and the open fire sounds lush, the perfect way to spend the evening!
    Caz x

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