My Past Halloween Costumes…

Since I was little I have always loved Halloween, but then I have always been the first one up for a fancy dress party! Or I did always wonder if I was part witch?! Not sure if I will get the chance to get dressed up this year I thought I would share with you guys some of my past costumes (Most of them being home made)…

So first up Halloween last year when the Game Of Thrones obsession became apparent to everyone when I dressed up as blind Arya Stark. A Girl is no one!! But this girl spent most of the night stumbling around her house thanks to white contacts!! 14484937_10210508564418100_5355250861946089118_n

Up next my spirit animal herself Velma from Scooby Doo!! And yes they are my real glasses! This wasn’t for Halloween but for 90’s party but thought I would still include it as it is kinda Halloween themed!!


Another Halloween now and this time it was time for a slutty nun! Now I’m not normally a slut but my whole house decided to do a slutty Halloween party in honor of all the slutty Halloween costumes available! I think I actually kind managed to make it a little spooky??

Now there is a bit of a gap in the timeline thanks to non existent Halloween parties and the awkward ugly hitting of puberty. There was a few Halloweens where I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood but I cant find any decent photos of my costume! But here are a few of me as a little kid…

I really remember this witch costume and remember my mum making this costume and painting my face before the party! And of course no witch is complete without her black cat. (Or in this case my toy Jess the Cat from Postman Pat)

Now I’m not sure if I can really remember this next one as I think I was about 3 years old? And I don’t know if it’s for Halloween or mum just cracked the face paints out? But I’m the little witch on the left hand side! I don’t think my dads to impressed about the situation??

Thanks for taking a bit of a time travel with me back to past Costumes!

Little Mayfly x 

32 thoughts on “My Past Halloween Costumes…

  1. Not going to lie I think the nun is so good haha! Plus you made fishnets cool before they became a crazy trend. This is the first post Ive ever read talking about previous halloween outfits so I love the originality!:) xx


  2. Awwww the throw(way)back pics are adorable! I was Elmo as a toddler and had an awesome homemade Cruella de Vil costume as a kid (: my favorite is the Velma look- you rocked it!


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