800 Followers Giveaway… !!!CLOSED!!!

Thanks again to everyone who’s followed and supported his blog I can’t thank you enough!! So this time I thought I would celebrate the landmark by doing a little give away! It’s not a crazy big one as I am a poor graduate and postage costs are ridiculous but I still would like to thank you guys! I did orignially plan to do this for 700 Followers but life took over and I didn’t get time! All the rules can be found below as long as a sneaky peak at some of the items you could get your hands on…


  1. You must from the UK. (Soon I would love to do an international giveaway one day but for now and this being my first one I’m going to have to stick to just the UK)
  2. The closing date is this Wednesday coming so the 1st of November!
  3. You must be following this blog!
  4. You must also be following me over on Instagram you can find me by searching littlemayfly_blog
  5. And finally comment below what’s your favourite autumn/winter pass time and why??

Then onto the fun bit, here’s what’s up for grabs, a few blogging essentials and a few cute bits…

First up from Home Sence a blue note pad for those blog ideas with little gold ants marching across the cover. And then a little matching gold diary ready for 2018.

 Also from Home Sense a really cute and lush smelling candle! With such a mandala design on the top.

And finally my favourite bar of chocolate which I couldn’t have got through uni without and a Blogging must a pack of pens! I am always running out of them!!

I am also going to add in a few extra things before sending it off to the lucky winner so get entering!! And good luck!!

Thanks Little Mayfly xx

40 thoughts on “800 Followers Giveaway… !!!CLOSED!!!

  1. Aww I’d love to enter but I live in the U.S. This is so sweet of you to do though (: Congrats on 800 followers! Your blog is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for you reach 1k. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations!!! What a great achievement 😊

    Fave autumn/winter pastime is reading with a hot chocolate in front of a fire surrounded by candles 🙊 😂😂😂 God I’m boring!

    Good luck everyone 😙 xxx


  3. Very well deserved, you’re doing amazingly well with your blog! Congrats Chloe!
    Such a sweet idea to do a giveaway, and you’ve chosen some fab picks! It made me sad to think of the days I used to eat fruit and nuts (can’t eat that choccy anymore with the stoma, damn health issues!) Haven’t been to Home Sense in ages so will have to make a trip soon and spend some money I don’t have! 🙂
    I would enter but I can’t really think of a winter past time , unless tea, Lindt chocolate and a book under a blanket counts? Who am I kidding, I could do that most days of the year as I’m always cold!! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. Hey, I just followed you on insta as well – my instagram is @stardusteve. My favourite autumn past time is going on nature walks with a friend or two and admiring all the colours, smells and sounds that this season brings 😊🍁🍂🍃

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  5. Congratulations on reaching your 800 followers lovely!! You are such an inspiring blogger 🙂 I am already followed on both accounts haha! It is so kind of you to do a giveaway, I think once I reach 200 followers I will do a giveaway too!:) Honestly, my fave thing to do in Autumn is wrap up in cosy jumpers and go on cute walks with my boyf because the weathers so fresh and think of all the cute photos haha!! Once again, well done 🙂 xxx

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