My Top Blogging Tips…

I have been asked for this post a few times and never really felt like I was qualified to post it! Personally I have kind of just gone along with this whole blogging thing and learnt as I have gone along with the journey. So don’t take there’s things to heart they are just things I like to do! But there is a few things I wish I knew before starting and here they are…

  1. A Good Title: Something short and snappy, I have read my fair share of blog posts and no one will want to read a really long title. Just pick something that quickly explains what your post is about with no bells or whistles.
  2. A Feature Image: Always make sure you include a feature image that is connected to your post. I also edit mine using Pic Monkey to somehow incorporate the title into it too. I know there are probably better editing programmes you could use but for now It works for me. Also make sure the picture is well positioned and no too big.
  3. Not too Long:  If you’ve got a lot to say think about making it a series of posts no one will want to carry on reading if its too long. I try to stick to 500 words maximum I find that’s a good length and doesn’t take too long to read.
  4. Subject Matter: Post what you want to post don’t feel like you have to certain things because others are. Make your content yours post what you are interested in and enjoy writing.
  5. Word press: Word press is a little complicated and it does take a while to get used to the way it works. It is a great platform to start blogging on. Just give yourself time to create your own style and interact with other bloggers who share your interests.

Hope you like these 5 little tips! I am no expert but I hope you find these useful?

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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