My Top 10 Movie List…

As the nights start to draw in I always find myself looking for a movie to watch. I will be scrolling through Netflix or amazon prime but I always end up watching the same movies over and over again, so I though I would share them with you…

  1. The ShawShank Redemption: What’s better then a night snuggled up listening to Morgan Freeman’s beautiful voice.
  2. The Kings Speech: Its just so heart warming!
  3. Grease: My fav movie musical!!
  4. We Brought A Zoo: Another heart warming beauty!!
  5. Tarzan: The best Disney movie!!
  6. Burlesque: A sassy movie that always makes me want to dance! 
  7. Mamma Mia: Ooo another heart waving one accompanied by Abbas best musical classics!
  8. Love Rosie: It’s just so good and really really relatable!! 
  9. Harry Potter: Any of the Harry Potters will do me and some to channels on tele show them on the run up to Xmas.
  10. Shrek! I just love the shrek movies!! 

    Hope this helps you out when you are stuck on which movie to pick on a dark cold evening! 

    Thanks for reading!

    Little Mayfly x 

    26 thoughts on “My Top 10 Movie List…

    1. I love shawshank so so much and I am glad to see it on your top 10 list. Definitely one of the greatest films at all times! And I was actually planning on watching Mama Mia next week because believe it or not I have not seen it before unfortunately 😦 This is a great list! x

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