Autumn Catch up…

A lot earlier then I thought I would be posting this but here in England summer is definetly over! There’s that returning nip in the air the boots are back on my feet and some leaves are starting to make there descent to the floor! So Hey Autumn nice to see you again! 

Autumn is definetly my favourite season next to spring! I love the changes that happen in nature as well as the return of winter clothes such as jumpers and boots! And not forgetting my favourite of the random things that humans celebrate HALLOWEEN!! I love it even though it is a very commercialised occasion, but I do love fancy dress  parties a bit too much so that’s probably why I like it!!

You might also have noticed I’ve changed my blog head banner to a much more autumnal look?! Let me know if you like it? I thought the blue flowers needed a change to keep in with the seasons!! My blogging schedule has also been all over the place since changing jobs and weird shift hours so please bare with me i should still be posting twice a week it might just be a day or so late!! 
I have also just joined bloglovin! It’s very confusing and I don’t really get it yet but heard it’s a great way to read other bloggers content! You can find me on bloglovin just by typing in littlemayfly i haven’t worked out how to link it yet (oops bad person of the internet) 

Thanks for reading! This ended up being a bit of a “hey this is what’s happening blog” but hope it filled you in! So I hope you look forward to all the autumnal posts coming your way! If there is anything you would love me to do please leave a comment letting me know!

Little Mayfly x 


18 thoughts on “Autumn Catch up…

  1. I don’t understand Bloglovin’ either haha, I totally gave up on that πŸ˜›

    Happy autumn! Looking forward to your autumnal posts and your header looks awesome. 😊


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