Bucket List 1 Year Later…

So this time last year I posted here on my blog my bucket list and It has been one of my most popular posts. This being so I though I would look back a year later and see what I have managed to achieve so far. I have also added a few new things to the list!! You can find the original post here… My Bucket List…

Here are all of the ones I have completed so far…

  1. Graduate University. (Hell yeah I did this one in July!!)
  2. Get my first dance job. (This week I was offered a job teaching in a dance school)
  3. Share my blog on my social media sites. (completed August 2017!!)
  4. Celebrate my 21st birthday
  5. Stop taking medication for my asthma (completed March 2017)
  6. Get a tattoo (In the process of being completed this month 2017)
  7. Stop taking medication for anxiety and depression (completed March 2017)
  8. Come in top 10 in a trampoline competition ( I didn’t complete this one but I did come in 26th which I was more then happy with!)
  9. Be happy (I think I have achieved this in the past year!!)

So happy about what I was able to complete this year! There are some really big things that mean a lot on that list! Here are the other things I still need to complete plus a few more that I have added to complete in the next year (in no particular order)…

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  2. Go to India
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Go to Amsterdam
  5. Buy a car (This may be happening soon?)
  6. See The Giants Causeway
  7. Go back and explore Ireland more!
  8. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  9. Go to Iceland
  10. Go to Paris (I went to France so this is nearly completed)
  11. Get my own dog/ pet
  12. Dance at Sadlers Wells
  13. Watch a live ballet in the Royal Opera House
  14. Go to another festival
  15. Go to a Coldplay concert (Because they always look incredible)
  16. Go to Brighton
  17. Go to Blackpool tower ballroom
  18. See a Matthew Bourne performance
  19. See killer whales in the wild
  20. Be a bridesmaid (Hannah if your reading this wink! wink!)
  21. Go Skiing
  22. Go skinny dipping in the sea
  23. Become a yoga instructor/ Do more yoga in general!
  24. Buy my own house (or start renting)
  25. Work in a different country
  26. Learn to play the guitar
  27. Keep dancing
  28. Get a better daytime job
  29. Go on lot of adventures
  30. Be happy (again)

Thanks for reading.
Little Mayfly x

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