Birthday Haul…

So most of you probably saw that it was my 21st birthday on Tuesday and then it happened to be my blogs 1st birthday on Wednesday so I thought I would do a little bit of a birthday haul for you guys! I haven’t really done any haul posts like this before so I hope you like it…

This year I received so many lovely presents from my friends and family some of which you will see in the pictures below. My main present from my family will be the tattoo that I want which I’m sure I will post about in a few weeks, as I am just currently waiting for the artist to get back to me with designs. But I also got a bag of 21 little presents such as chocolates or toiletries which was really handy as I head off to France on Monday. I also got a few vouchers such a Zizzi’s one from my sister and a spa voucher from the male friend and is family which was also so lush I cant wait to use them both!!IMG_2982My friends really came through in the present department this year! I have to give it up to them!! I know birthdays aren’t just about getting presents but I love each gift I got!! From a home made chocolate Bourbon cake to house plants, a cactus, a lush bunch of flowers (I know lots of foliage right?!!) a cute blogging planner (which I used to plan this blog), a very glittery picture frame and a use of a dance studio to name a few!! Thanks lads you know who you are! I really appreciate it!!Xx


With some of the money I received I got myself this backpack from Accessorize at Β£30.00! I do already have a little black back pack but its really tiny compared to this one and doesn’t always hold all my things. This shall also come in handy when I’m in France!!


So there you have it my first mini little haul! I didn’t include everything I got as most of it was chocolate and food but you get the idea!! I guess all I have to do know is find a place to keep everything!!

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x


41 thoughts on “Birthday Haul…

  1. Happy Birthday in arrears.


    The gifts are lovely. The backpack in particular is 😳😍😍

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